Election Reform 2019

You may have already heard about the exciting package of election reform legislation passed into law by Governor Cuomo this year.  To learn about it in detail and to download the official political calendar visit the State Board of Elections website.  

Essentially, the political calendar has been adjusted to consolidate local and state elections with federal elections.  Another historic change is the implementation of early voting in our state. Voters will be able to visit poll sites all over our county for nine days before the election to cast their votes.

Important 2019 Dates:

Local and State Primaries will be held June 25, 2019

First day to circulate nominating petitions  February 26, 2019

General Election will be held November 5th, 2019

Other features of the Reform Legislation:

Early Voting: establishes a nine day voting period outside of election day, will allow counties flexibility to offer hours that best meet the needs of its residents.

Voter Registration Transfer: transfers the registration and enrollment of a voter when they move within the state.

Voter Pre-Registration: Let’s 16 and 17 year olds to pre-register to vote.

Same Day Voter Registration: Removes the requirement of advance registration and allows for same day registration.

No Excuse Absentee Voting: Removes the requirement to declare a reason for voting absentee.