Winter 2018 - 2019 Newsletter

Policies & Procedures

Water & Sewer Services

The State announced $10M in grants for projects throughout Dutchess County to improve and protect water and wastewater systems.  The grant includes an award to the Town of Wappinger in the amount of $2.4M for wastewater improvements.

The County is working with the Town of Wappinger & NYS DEC to address PFOA/PFOS contamination at the County Airport.  The County is in negotiation with NYS DEC to finalize the work plan. This work plan may require the County to perform mid- and long-term remediation work if the investigation determines that the source of the contaminants is from the airport.

Regarding Capital Projects

Back in April meeting, I reported to you my concerns with cost overruns for a new public defender’s office at 45 Market Street. The cost of the project went from $1.7M to more than $6M.  

Now, it has been reported that the first phase of the Dutchess County Stabilization Center (DCSC) renovation at 230 North Road has cost the County $2.6M more than budgeted and the estimated cost for the second phase is more than six times the original budgeted amount.

The Legislature supports the DCSC, but we are concerned with the county’s massive financial miscalculation, stressing the cost taxpayers will incur for these errors.  While the bond language approved by the County Legislature gives full authority to proceed and complete the job, newly adopted procedures were implemented to ensure improved accuracy, transparency and accountability on future projects.

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Community Health Fair

For the last five years, we gather in Messier Park for health screenings, fun activities and community.  

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Campaign Finance Reform

Legislator Francena Amparo fights for Anti- “Pay to Play” Legislation


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Now is the time for more civic engagement.

People in America are waking up each day wondering what our elected leaders will do next.  In a time like this, we can’t let fear take over, we have to take action.  In his farewell remarks, President Obama urged us to “grab a clipboard and run for office.”  His message was for us to channel the disappointment and uncertainty we are feeling today into a spirit of action and power.

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